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Last fall, someone started constructing a building full of tiny apartments in Portland, but he didn't include any space for its tenants to park. He framed this in the light that "our tenants will be eco-conscious and use bikes instead," as if he could control the behavior of who he rents to, and as if this wasn't anything but a cost-saving cash grab.

So the city made it a law that new apartment buildings have to include parking. And so then he made them worse to get around the law (no kitchens). The cars will come, they'll take the spots that other businesses in the area need, the overall crumminess of the apartments will attract undesirables, property values all around the building will go down, and no one will benefit except for the one guy who's collecting all the rent from it. Guy, this issue is dedicated to you. Enjoy!

I don't know what this businessman looks like, nor do I want to actually make the character him (for legal reasons) I put Tyrion Lannister there instead, which was funnier than a generic suit-man. One of a cartoonist's most feared responses is the dreaded "I don't get it," which we all make active attempts to avoid. For instance, this time, I'm worried people will see the title "Game of Homes" and Peter Dinklage's likeness, take the whole thing as an intended parody, and try to guess who the other characters are. Then they'd be searching for hours.

By the way, SPOILERS, but the ending to the entire series is that everybody dies except for Joffrey, who then drinks from the Fountain of Youth and becomes immortal, and then opens a portal into Real Life and terrorizes everybody here on Earth. Humanity lives in misery forever, and ice cream, pizza and sex are outlawed. The End.

Here's another joke I'm worried about. Bitcoins are worthless, so 33,000 of them would equal one BANG issue (the physical paper edition is dirt free). But if people interpret this as "the value is 33,000 bitcoins but the price is free," there's no joke at all. You read it correctly, right?

This issue will be the last time we see Jesse Barboza's Forever 16 in strip form. He's told me the people he's shown it to never pick up on the satire and think it was literally drawn in the 90's, and because of the unintended confusion, he would rather pursue a more traditional comic book format from this point forward. Such a format takes up more pages, of course, which means we may not see Forever 16 in every issue from now on. But BANG doesn't take away creator rights, and it's his creation and he can do whatever he wants with it.

Lucy Bellwood is headed for big things (I hope). I've been burning to print something of hers for several issues now. This small cartoon is but a sample, and I suggest you all seek out some of her longer pieces. Do it now.

Jack Kent makes his BANG debut in this issue with his wacky, zany Gulls. Jack grew up on the Coast, surrounded by gulls, and if anyone should know their nuances, foibles, and tendencies to plummet off roofs wearing propeller beanies, it would be this guy.

John Pannozzi interviews David Feiss in this issue, who has had some fascinating experiences in the cartoon business. Pannozzi will be bringing us more interviews in the future! Also, I feel like most people that John K is a (talented) egotistical brat who has dug his own grave, but interviews aren't the place to insert your own opinions.

This is my favorite censor sticker so far.

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